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Mailing Address: 11900 Metric Blvd Ste J-178, Austin TX 78758

Phone Number: 512.923.7663


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Gracywoods is a unique neighborhood conveniently tucked away in North Central Austin. (Our boundaries are Walnut Creek on the north, Austin Park Lane on the east, Braker Lane on the south, and Metric to Gracy Farms to Burnet Road on the west.)

Our neighborhood’s family history has helped to preserve its “small town feeling” amidst our rapidly growing area. The Gracy family once owned a dairy farm and hundreds of acres in the area, before selling off parcels for niche residential communities. The original Gracy family home still exists and the last remaining large portion of the farm land will soon be developed. Because of this rich history, the age and sizes of the homes are very diverse. Our neighborhood has single family homes, duplexes, townhomes, condos, and apartment communities.

Gracywoods has beautiful hundred year old trees that and a flock of wild Guinea birds that travel the neighborhood, saying hello in their own special way. There are paved walking and jogging paths throughout the entire neighborhood and as if that isn’t enough, we are also located on the largest mountain biking park in Austin at Walnut Creek. The neighborhood is packed full of nature lovers and at any time of the day, you will find friendly people taking advantage of the outdoors. With the addition of the Domain, less than 2 miles away, we now have five-star restaurants and high-end retail stores practically in our backyard- and even more to amenities to come!

Although it is no longer a requirement for Gracywoods to have a Home Owner’s Association; our residents are very civic-minded and involved and we have elected to organize a voluntary Neighborhood Association. We meet at Walnut Creek Baptist Church, the first Tuesday of every month. Recently, we elected a new Board that is very active in local developments, park advocacy and representing our residents’ interests. There are wonderful things happening in our area and we welcome all new and old residents to participate in our association and to partake in our neighborhood events. Our next fun event will be our first annual Fourth of July Parade. Stay tune for more details.


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