Gracywoods Neighborhood Association

GracyWatch – Safety First!


Getting involved in the Watch is easy – Be A.L.E.R.T. and do the Five.

ALERT – I know who my neighbors and who their kids are. I know what cars belong on my street.

LIGHTS – My house is well lit at night. I have installed motion detectors or dusk to dawn lights in areas where people  may walk.

EMERGENCY – I am ready for a crisis and keep neighbors phone numbers handy, just in case. I know neighbors’ kids would come to my house for help. I could tell the firefighters how many pets and kids to save if there was a fire on my street.

RESPONSIBLE – I call 311 and 911 when I see a potential issue. I ask for an incident number and report it to the Watch so it can be recorded. I bring bigger issues to my Neighborhood Association so the community is aware of what is happening.

TIDY I keep my street and my home neat. I trim my bushes and trees so windows and doors can be seen. I keep my drive and porch free of clutter. I pick up trash on my street, handle graffiti, and pitch in to help other neighbors who need a  hand. I want criminals to see that my street is loved and their activities will not be tolerated!

I do the Five – I keep an eye out for my neighbors on either side of me and on the three across the street.

Other ways you can volunteer:

  • Get on the neighborhood e-newsletter by contacting a Watch Coach so you know what’s going on in Gracywoods
  • Volunteer for Park Days and Clean-ups – Criminals hate neat neighborhoods
  • Be a GracyWatch Volunteer for your street –contact a Watch Coach to see how you build a stronger Watch on your street.


GracyWatch Coaches

GracyWatch has three Coaches who can answer your questions about the Watch on your street.  Contact us should you have questions or need additional resources to help make your Neighborhood Watch program successful.

The Coaches do send out occasional safety alerts regarding known crime and other safety issues. Please contact us if you are interested in getting the alerts.

Resident Roster: This form is for your block’s use only and is optional. Please feel free to adapt it to meet your needs. Please remember that not everyone on your block may be comfortable sharing their information. Please respect people’s privacy if they don’t want to be listed on your form. Once completed, some Block Captains like to make copies for each resident listed or you may choose to just keep the master copy yourself.

New Resident Welcome Flyer: This form is to be handed out to new residents as they move onto your block. This informs them that they have moved to a Neighborhood Watch block and lets them know you are their Block Captain.

Block Alert Flyer: This form is to be handed out to residents of your block if there is crime/safety issues. This is a quick way to get necessary information out to the hands of your block.

Thank you!

General Neighborhood Watch Handouts:

Austin Police Department Resource Guide
Winnipeg Police Crime Prevention Handbook

Other Resources:
Incident Report Log: Incident Report Log for your block
Securing Your Home: Be pro-active! Read on ways you can make your home safer.
Burgulary Prevention Checklist: Another great resource for ensuring your family is safe.
Home Inventory Sheet: Create a list of your valuables
Home Survey for Insurance Reduction: How to save money of your insurance

Neighborhood Watch Website Links:

Austin Police Department
National Association of Town Watch
Nation Sheriffs' Association
Youth Crime Watch of America

Discussion Forum

The Forum is designed so that community members can openly discuss topics and make announcements important to the community.