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Reminders from the Parks and Recreation Department:

  • City-wide greenbelt and park curfew hours are enforced year-round by the Austin Police Department. Curfew begins at 10 pm and ends at 5 am daily.

  • Pet waste pollutes our water and is a health risk to pets and people. Pet waste left on trails, sidewalks and grassy areas can wash into nearby creeks and lakes. The bacteria, parasites and viruses in pet waste can harm our water quality. There are Mutt Mitt boxes filled with plastic bags for picking up and disposing of pet waste in many locations throughout the greenbelt and park for your convenience. Note: Failure to pick-up pet waste can result in fines starting at $85.

  • Firearms: possession or discharge of any firearm (including BB or pellet guns) or fireworks in greenbelts or on park land at any time is a punishable offense.

  • Drugs and Alcohol: The consumption or possession of drugs or alcoholic beverages is prohibited in the North Star greenbelt & park land and is a punishable offense.

  • Unauthorized motor vehicles are not permitted to operate within greenbelt or park land.


Neighborhood Parks Smarts

  • Pay attention to activity around you as you walk through the greenbelt, park land and neighborhood. (Even if you take your iPod along for a walk – stay aware of your surroundings.)

  • Tuck a cell phone or walkie-talkie in your pocket. Accidents are never “planned”. A mobile communication device could assist you in saving a pet, a complete stranger or yourself from serious injury.

  • There are coyotes in the area. Please keep your pets on a leach and do not allow them to roam unattended in leach free areas. In the spring, keep small pets indoors to avoid attacks.

  • There have been incidents of BB and pellet guns being discharged at wildlife and homes. If you come in contact with wildlife or a pet that appears to have been shot, maimed or killed by humans, or appears to have come in contact with a coyote or other wild predator, please call 311 for this non-emergency situation. The Parks and Recreation Department (PARD) does not encourage residents to handle or remove animal remains found in greenbelt or on park land. The 311 dispatcher will give you appropriate instructions and contact the Austin Police Department, PARD and/or the wildlife department for animal removal or further action.

  • In an emergency situation – and especially if an event is taking place in front of you - call 911 immediately.